CUPHEAD now on PS4 is there such a thing as a third party exclusive

Cuphead has made its way to PlayStation, the indie platformer with it’s cute hand drawn 1930’s style animation initially came into our lives through the Xbox One console as an “exclusive” next thing we know it is on PC as well. With the love relationship we have come to expect between Xbox and PC courtsey of Microsoft this eventuality was sorta expected. 


Then came the port to the Nintendo Switch, we could now play the game on the go, some would say thatshow the game was meant to be played. Little did we know that the lines of what made a game exclusive had been blurred. As if though to keep the scales onour eyes, this port was the herald of the Xbox Live heading to the Nintendo Switch, kudos to partnerships between these power houses we thought.


Now lo and behold we have Cuphead on the Playstation 4, available now for $20 and this time no Xbox live to link the game to its’s beginnings at Xbox. So now we ask ourselves are the games not published by a consoles first party studio ever truly exclusive?

Cuphead PS4 announcement trailer


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